Today’s Lunch: Beer-Batter Fish Fry

Today's Lunch: Beer-Batter Fish Fry

Who said you can’t find decent food on campus… this was a really full meal for $8.

7 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch: Beer-Batter Fish Fry

  1. decent food on campus? where? Campus Cafe is the only one i can think of… mmmm. fish fry.

    hey, i didn’t see you at the reception for Halavais, Yerkey, Southwick, Paling… 🙁 it was awesome, but it’s sad to be losing these excellent people. j

  2. shame on you kevin for not getting “chips” with your fish fry 😉

    i miss fish frys. No where else do they do fish frys like Buffalo.

  3. Jennimi: I ate at Pistachios! I miss those people too, especially Alex and Neil, but I don’t like going to such events. I’m an introvert extrovert… I think.

    Dennis: Sharp as always! They ran out of fries that day. Kind of a weird thing to run out of right?

  4. Oh I can totally understand not always wanting to go to big formal events…though this one was casual and low key. You were very missed. (I’m also a 50/50 intro/extro on the Myers Briggs. 🙂 I/ENTP).

    Anyway, one of the most memorable moments of the evening was when Dr. Yerkey said very emotionally that it is the students that make the program. I think his words, to paraphrase a touch, were “we have had some of the best students in the world”. It was very touching. – j

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