Remixing Amanda: Bizarre collaborative video storymaking

DIY Amanda Dinner + a Website Kit

This probably isn’t the first video mashup of it’s kind, but I thought it was done pretty well. “The Amanda Dinner and A Website Kit” is a project by the Rocketboom duo where Amanda acts out random scenes and leaves you as a consumer to redefine your position as a producer (produser?). Fill in your part by shooting your own scenes, editing it together, then posting your version online. Since Rocketboom April 7th 2006, there has been a bunch of mashups already… including this one.

Interestingly, this idea was apparently inspired by Brawny’s Innocent Escapes, an equally bizarre (read: hilarious!) commercial take on remixing Brawny’s soapy hunk of a dude as he does the household chores and compliments you (intended for women of course). Definitely worth a visit too!