Video: Why My Vote Matters – A Dialogue With Lee Kuan Yew

Description: What are the key issues these young voters need to know before they go to the polls? What are their views on democracy, on choice and their rights to vote in a one-party dominant country? How do they see the opposition? What are their expectations of the politicians in a digital, global world? In a special forum on Channel NewsAsia, Minister Mentor meets a group of young voters to tackle head on their questions and issues on the upcoming elections. This show was telecast on 12 April 2006 at Channel News Asia Singapore.

I’ve read a few bloggers who have shared their thoughts on this, and it’s nice that someone finally managed to post the original broadcast on Google Video. I’m quite intrigued how open journalists are in their approach to Lee Kwan Yew… there were lots of interesting confrontational moments. I think it’s pretty brave of the journalists to face a seasoned lawyer / politician this way. Note that 25 minutes in, there’s a relevant bit to where journalists and Lee Kwan Yee argue on the rationale behind the ban on political blogging and podcasting. (via