CurrentStatus: Busy Gehry

Frank Gehry's Fossil Watch

Been busy at work lately. Recently sold off my 12″ Powerbook while my Vaio still lists on eBay. In any case, I finally got my MacBook Pro and have been spending all this time rebuilding my installs from scratch. I’m hoping to make everything optimized like hell since I’m going to be doing a lot more on it than before. On another note, Penny wanted to go to the Niagara Prime Outlet Mall today so I took the chance to get a breather. As we went into the Fossil store, I happened to find this beautiful Frank Gehry watch. Now I LOVE watches. Notice the crooked details in the clock hands and lettering. Retails for $105… picked from the $19 bargain bin! Anyway, more updates soon. Taking a blog break.

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  1. I have my doubts that it would be as fast, but with some luck it should come out on the 19th this month. The MacBook is fast, Bootcamp is amazing and does Windows better than a normal PC laptop in my opinion. Even 3D gaming (e.g. FEAR, Half-Life 2) is impressive. I’m going to try virtualization using Parallel soon.

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