Thirteen copies double-sided please…

13 copies double-sided please...

A significant part of today involved standing by the Xerox machine photo zapping away at ETC Grant Proposals for 2006. I can’t dislose anything of course, but perhaps I could generalize the entries I’ve seen thus far. Essentially a technology grant, I’ve seen multiple discipline vying for a spot, including scholars from the medical field, languages departments, media artists, etc. Some interesting entries included educational gaming projects in the form of simulations. These grant pay well, but I think the real kicker is getting “fun” stuff like a Dell gaming laptop or a 17″ Powerbook for video editing. It seems almost no holds barred… if you got a good project in mind, you really get what you deserve.

Whoever said education doesn’t pay probably hasn’t gotten far enough yet!

5 thoughts on “Thirteen copies double-sided please…

  1. Hahahaha, that’s one part of that job I don’t miss. Have fun with being the copy boy this year, I had so much fun spending my day in the copy room last year with all those grants ­čÖé



  2. Damn! Half the time I don’t hear about the current ETC Grant round until it’s over. I’ve marked my calendar for next year, so I can get my act together ahead of time.

  3. Strange, the ETC sends out out snail mail flyers and emails to keep everyone posted. Don’t tell me you didn’t get the flyers we spent hours labeling!

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