Secret Pathway in the University at Buffalo

The Secret Pathway in UB
Hmm, doesn’t this look like some sort of game walkthrough? // Source: UBtoday, Winter 2006

Since it gets really cold in Winter, there is a secret pathway from one end of the campus to the other. Through a series of tunnels and overhead walkways, it is possible to get from one place to another without getting outside much. Click to see a readable full-sized scan.

This applies to North Campus… the South Campus (being older) is way too haunted to traverse safely underground. I’ve lost a few friends there already (j/k!). It’s getting warmer now that we approach Summer. Still, I thought I’d save this here for posterity.

2 thoughts on “Secret Pathway in the University at Buffalo

  1. Drat! I thought that these were public-access. I used to walk from one end to the other to stretch my legs in the winter without freezing. But I was always stopped at that hop over to the CFA. I had a feeling that there was a way through, but as faculty, thought picking locks would be frowned on.

    Had no such second thoughts as a student, and had the run of much of my undergrad and grad campus. And you may have been in the course where we did an impromptu combinatorics lesson in the form of a brute-force attack on the mailroom lock. 🙂

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