theorycast.09 :: Radio Interview on Political Podcasts in Singapore

theorycast.09 :: Radio interview on politcal podcasting in Singaporetheorycast itunes artwork

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Peter Marks, a technology analyst for Radio Australia, just informed me that my interview went to air in Asia this morning on two hundred radio stations across the region. Woah. The interview appears as part of Asia Connect, which is an hour of news, business reports and analysis hosted by Sen Lam.

I’ve edited the piece so you can hear just my interview if you’re interested. We essentially talked about podcasting and how the ban affects not just podcasts, but blogs and web sites as well. I mentioned the Parliamentary Elections Act and what it means to netizens.

What you didn’t hear in the radio broadcast is our discussion of how this ban effectively curbs Singaporeans’ freedom of speech yet again. On a positive note, I explained how perhaps it is this exact nature of Singapore which gives us a unique economic edge over other countries. You can check out other insightful programmes on the Connect Asia website.

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