theorycast.08 :: The One about Apple Boot Camp

theorycast.08 :: Apple Boot Camp

Watch theorycast08 :: Apple Boot Camp (h.264/86mb/14min).
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UPDATE: After downloading the video, rename the extension .mpg to .m4v to get it to work. It’s my mistake for trying the iPod video format.

For day three of VideoBloggingWeek2006… wait a second. It’s day four already. Looks like I totally blew day three because something big came up yesterday. Yes that’s right… Boot Camp. While I was busy working on this video, I had my web robots do blog postings for me.

Anyway, watch friendly Mac system admin Domenic Licata and I run Apple Boot Camp assistant to install Windows XP (yawn!) on a fresh Mac mini (Core Duo 1.6Ghz). Most of this video is going to show how Apple made it dead-simple to do dual-boot, with the only problem being that installing Windows takes a really long time! And yes, it’s not just a how-to… I actually talk to other Mac heads around UB in the video.

At this point, there are better Boot Camp how-to videos out there, like this funny one. And let’s not forget all that talk of virtualization… if you didn’t try it, you can now watch how fast it is to run multiple OSes at the same time. Just see Windows XP on Mac OS X using Parallels. One word: Lightning.