I’m waiting for the “Ultra-thin 12 inch Mac Book Pro”

paw powerbookThis is something I’ve been rubbing my paws together for, though I’ve the sinking feeling it’s got something to do with the 1st of this coming month…

According to MacOSXRumors, there’s word about an “Ultra-thin 12 inch Mac Book Pro” on the way.

Since the release of the 15 inch MacBook Pro in January, speculation on the forthcoming Apple laptops is spreading throughout the net. Meanwhile, MacosXrumors received a very unexpected report, providing information about one of the forthcoming MacBook Pros.

The sources that can be qualified as “very reliable”, are claiming that Apple plans to keep the same display size for its entry level Mac Book Pro by releasing what sources called an “ultra-thin 12 inch Mac Book Pro”.

Neither release timeframe nor technical specifications were provided by the sources but we may expect this new Mac Book Pro to arrive late in the second quarter of this year. As for the technical specs, we prefer not to speculate on them so as to keep this report as factual as possible.

The current 12 inch Powerbook G4 is 1.18 inch thick while the PowerBook G4 17 inch and the Mac Book Pro are 1 inch thick. We can expect the 12 inch Mac Book Pro to get at least as thin as the rest of the line-up and possibly even thinner.

The sources also believe that the rumoured 13 inch form factor could rather be used for Apple’s entry-level laptops (iBooks or Mac Book).

13 thoughts on “I’m waiting for the “Ultra-thin 12 inch Mac Book Pro”

  1. nooooooooooo! thats not the news I wanted to hear 🙁

    I wanted you to tell me that Apple is releasing a 13.1″ widescreen Intel Duo – not another 12″. I could careless if its thinner, I just want a lappie that I can use in business class on an airplane when the guy in front reclines his seat.

    I dunno if I’m willing to settle for 12″ duo if a widescreen is around the corner.

  2. I doubt the rumor is true, but I don’t mind the 12″ since it’s the right size to carry around and to fit into all kinds of bags. I just hope Apple increases screen resolution… things might look smaller but at least I can see more on the desktop at once.

  3. I saw the new Gateway thinbook on the DLTV Podcast yesterday.
    From their description of it and the description you give – they may be mirror images of each other which would be a shame….

  4. I am, as the title says, as well waiting for this machine to arrive.

    Hopefully, the rumors are true; and I will obtain my 12” Apple notebook within this year.

  5. Dear Kevin, have you heard any more about this, or does it just seem as though there will be no ‘small macbook pro’ after all, and that we’ll have to go for the new macbook 13 inch (ibook replacement) in stead? Thanks for your thoughts!

    Greg Seymour
    Perth, Western Australia

  6. As usual, there’s nothing official from Apple about the smaller MacBook. However, with the release of the 17″ MacBook Pro, Apple has gladly removed the G4 17″ Powerbook from the Apple Store. The only remaining powerbook now is the 12″, which should realistically mean that’s next to be replaced. It’s bound to happen, just a matter of when. If it’s 13″, it’s only because Apple wants to make it a widescreen, which is really awesome for a smaller machine.

  7. The problem with a 13.1 wide screen is that is is wider…as it is, I can stand my 12-inch on its side in my carry bag and add another set of papers in parallel. The 13.1 may not fit…yet, I must agree that a 13.1 widescreen might just add that teeny-weeny extra width that the floating formatting palette in Word does not overalp with the document…what is REALLY needed in trhe new model is the backlit keyboard…

    Albury, Australia

  8. I have been in love with my Powerbook 12 inch for two years. I suspect that Apple know damn well how appealing and usable these machines are, they just don’t want to give us an Intel version because they are perverse. Never mind the black or white Mac Books, bring on the Mac Book Pro 12 inch!!
    Adelaide, Australia

  9. The mac book 13″ is a pathetic replacement for the powerbook G4 12″. The MB 13″ may as well be a G4 15″, it’s huge. It’s also a toy. Nasty plastic, huge keys, creeks when you pick it up, looks like it will break easily, glossy screen is cluttered looking. I went and checked it out. It is 100% unworthy of the PB G4 12″. Why can’t they just put out the same exact computer, same dimensions but with intel core duo power? Same thickness, same screen size. If you have to have widescreen then get a different computer. If apple doesn’t come out with a MBP 12″ just like the PB G4 12″, I am going to be forever dissappointed in apple.

  10. Hey guys hows goin, is it true that apple is making the new 12 inch macbook pro , i hope this is real , i am looking for mbp smaller size for a long time, they better be true or i will go back to windows, i am a mac person for at least 10 years, so please apple do it and let it be happen, unless you want me to go to window based portable.

  11. I had been using macs for the last 15 years. I bought the first 15″ pbook when it came out, then when it was dying, I upgraded to the 12″ which was just sublime… A lot of people had always wondered why I considered a smaller screen an upgrade, but I had learnt my lesson from the first pbook as the screen life did not last for very long after I shelled out a lot of money for it. So I had learnt that it’s good to work on external screens and juice up the RAM and also end up with a machine that is light and extremely portable, which is basically what a laptop is for anyway! Especially since I do travel quite a bit. The 12″ is a great size that goes into any bags as well plus it looks so hot. Anyhow, I’d been rambling. My point is, it’s been a while now and I’d been wanting to upgrade to a MBP. But after having the 12″, 15″ will feel like a ton. The 17″ is just aesthetic unpleasing in scale. Obviously, I’m not even going to consider the MBs. .. So I’m hoping that Apple do bring out a 12″/13″ MBP soon as I’m desperating hanging on to my 12″PB and loyally waiting. But 1.5 years had been quite a wait.. if there’s nothing by the end of the year, I think I might just go get a Sony or something like that.

  12. Awe Jamie, I’ve seen fans of the 12″ hold out just as long, but I’m getting tempted by Sony’s TZ series. I do wish Apple hurried production of a new subnotebook 🙂

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