Videos: Watch our Web 2.0 & Educational Gaming sessions online!

Me2.0: Web 2.0 infiltrates real life
We began the Web 2.0 Workshop with participants tagging themselves with post-it notes

The Educational Technology Center (ETC) has been hosting a series of interesting workshops, including the Educational Gaming Conference, Alex Halavais’ Blog/Wiki overview, as well as my “Introduction to Web 2.0” sessions. There’s more to come, including one entirely on RSS. While I wish I could invite all of you to attend these interesting conferences / workshops, we have no space and no money to fly you over. However, thanks to Robin’s diligence, I’m happy to snip the ribbons and welcome you to the much awaited Recorded ETC Special Events and Workshops page.

Yesiree! All these heart-pumping presentation goodness are now available in multiple formats, including video, audio (mp3) and workshop handouts (pdf). Seriously, this is a great way for anyone to get started with blogs, podcasting, wikis and on the whole Web 2.0 business without getting a pounding headache (I will supply Panadol if you do). Just sit and watch, but please don’t drool.

For our menu today, I would like to recommend the following:
* Intro to Podcasts (3/6/2006)
* Intro to Wikis (2/27/2006)
* Intro to Blogs (2/20/2006)
* Intro to Web 2.0 (2/13/2006)
* Educational Gaming conference (2/3/2006)
* Blogs and Wikis: contributing to the e-dialog (9/28/2005)

Keep an eye out for more content. RSS feed for the page coming soon.

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