Got Mac mini? Forget Core Duo, install a Merom!

Forget Core Duo, Get a Merom!
Photo: Spring IDF 2006: Merom and Ultra Mobile PCs by AnandTech

Just when you thought upgrading your own Mac mini from a Core Solo to a Core Duo proved your L337ness, it is no longer. The original hacker who did it first, just outdid himself today. Fugger went above and beyond by putting Intel’s new Merom mobile processor into the Mac Mini, offering at minimum a 19% improvement per clock. At this point you might be wondering, what the #@&# is a Merom? There’s more info on this next gen dual core architecture at Anandtech. While Merom is still months away, this shows how Apple’s Intel Macs really have a seamless upgrade path. (Hat tip to Paul Stamatiou who tipped me off about Chris Morrell’s post!)

5 thoughts on “Got Mac mini? Forget Core Duo, install a Merom!

  1. bit late,
    what about an overclock of a mini,
    so far i understand yonah is upclockable quit a bit.
    Anyone knows about the how’s of this (mini) motherboard?

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