Deeva & Eddie’s Authentic Italian Dinner

Deeva & Eddie invited us over for their Italian dinner and boy was it an authentic homecooked meal!

We as you see in the slideshow, we started with an Italian salad which consisted of basil, olives, mozerella, tomatoes all soaked in Olive oil. This was followed by Italian bread with Deeva’s Pesto sauce (homegrown Basil), as well as her secret recipe, the breaded Italian chicken which was so good on its own (no sauces needed!). The main entree followed with Penne with marianna sauce, stewed pork and spicy italian sausage.

Finally, we finished the dinner off with dessert we bought from Say Cheesecake Cafe, an Irish Creme cheesecake. Yum!

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3 thoughts on “Deeva & Eddie’s Authentic Italian Dinner

  1. It was a pleasure having you guys over to share a delicious meal 🙂 Glad you enjoyed!!

    The grill will be ready and waiting when it gets warmer out… mmmm BBQ time!!!

    PS: not ‘marianna’ sauce, Kev… ‘marinara’. And not actually that even, marinara sauce is a fresh red meatless sauce. Just so you won’t order the wrong thing if you ever go out and eat Italian 😀

  2. Good times having you guys here! 🙂 And the cheesecake you brought for dessert was delicious. Thnx! Besides all the food talk it was great to learn all the new techie stuff you showed me too. Looking forward seeing you and Penny soon again for another gettogether. Man I can’t wait for some of that BBQ hahah

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