No excuse not to own NetNewsWire now…

Brent Simmons’ NewNewsWire Mug

If you’re a Mac user and you want to get serious about reading your RSS feeds, you have no excuse now. You can buy NetNewsWire for $19.95 from right now until NetNewsWire 2.1 ships (in a few weeks).

It take RSS newsreading beyond the norm by giving you a ton of useful features, inlcuding: searching, browsing, persistence, smart lists, flagged items, tag subscriptions, widescreen view, scriptability, HTML differences, podcast downloading, and, well, more.

I’m currently using NetNewsWire 2.1 beta and its not only faster, but has interesting sorting mechanisms. There’s “sort by attention” which tracks your clicks and ranks your latest articles by the likelihood of you reading it (predictive-like). Since I also love Pukka, it also integrates with Pukka for super-fast posting!

GetNetNewsWire for just $19.95