Get even more FireFox Tabs with Tab Mix Plus!

I Heart Tab Mix Plus!

Remember the Furious Firefox Tabs challenge I posed a while ago?

Wired Blogs helped bring in entries as wild as 400 tabs opened in Firefox at one time. By then, most computers would crumble under the weight of the so-called “memory leak” feature and naturally halt to a stop. This time though, I’m been using something recommended by a Singaporean friend which seemed to give tab-addicts like myself that extra UMPH!

Enter Tab Mix Plus.

This Firefox extension has been around for the longest time so if you haven’t got it, you really need to check yourself in. From the screenshot above, I have 6 rows by 14 columns worth of tabs opened (that’s 84) and I could keep going! For some reason, I don’t get slowed down as much as opening tabs regularly without the extension. It does get habit inducing… so much so that my colleague Chris is now betting how long it’ll take before my entire screen gets filled with tabs. If you think my 12″ Powerbook screen might be tiny, try compounding that with a screenful of tabs. It get bloody pretty. I’d better file this under anti-productivity. ­čśŤ

UPDATE: If you’re really bored, try viewing the full screenshot where you can guess the web sites I visit based on the favicons!