Found: “Bureau of Workplace Interruptions” training video

An anonymous source passed me this strange instructional video for an organization called the Bureau of Workplace Interruptions. I seemed to have read about this mysterious group on a few arty farty web sites before but know little else.

Word has it that you would start by submitting a request for an interruption. This anti-capitalist organization would then have agents go to work finding the right interruption for you. They would take into account your occupation, work hours, and the means by which they could reach you. Once a feasible interruption has been decide on, they work to slip it into your day via mail, email, telephone, or a workplace visit. They must have ninja skills too, since their actions are always invisible to anyone other than the “interruptee”. Oh, there’s also a tiny blog at the bottom of the page documenting whoever they recently interrupted. Neato!

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