Do we need anti-depression lightbulbs?

Anti-depression lightbulbs

Winters make the day seem shorter and the grey skies tend to make people easily depressed. I never really pictured myself wanting to live in a place like Buffalo, especially since I hail from a country well-known for its tropical climate. Yet, I’ve been here for five years already. It’s here that I realized that it’s commonplace for people to take anti-depression pills. I wonder if there are more pill-poppers here than in the tropical climates. Since I wouldn’t advocate taking mood altering drugs, I’m glad to find alternative methods of altering unhappiness. Perhaps this would be the better remedy though: If you can’t take it, move to warmer climates like the West Coast!

2 thoughts on “Do we need anti-depression lightbulbs?

  1. also, you can invite us all to an all expenses paid tour of Singapore!!!!! ­čÖé (I KID!!!!) – thanks for the tip. am getting slightly tired of March even though this was a mild winter. -jenn

  2. i’m in SF, and although it’s not known for being sunny and warm all the time, it sure is nice to be able to walk around with some color rather than being pasty white (like I was for 13 years in Buffalo)

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