How to “show no mercy” at Monopoly (the board game)

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For many of us who have played Monopoly before, you are most likely to be in one of two camps: Those who believe it’s all luck, or those who believe in the idea of strategy. Erik Arneson believes that there is indeed a strong element of luck involved when playing Monopoly, but there’s also enough strategy so that skilled players will win more often than not. With that, he posted his Monopoly cheat sheet on, where one of the final points applies well when fighting a war:

“Show no mercy. If a player is down, eliminate him from the game. Luck plays too big a roll in Monopoly to risk a comeback.”

Indeed, how people play games reveals a lot about their character.

3 thoughts on “How to “show no mercy” at Monopoly (the board game)

  1. yes, Monopoly is now banned from my parents house at Christmas time. It just gets too ugly.

    I’m definitely a believer that strategy, in the end, wins out.

    But then, that depends on whether you’re playing the rules where if you land on free parking you pick up all the fines etc. that people have paid into the middle…


  2. Leisa: There’s this phenomena where people come up with their own game rules. I also think it’s a localized thing. Take UNO for instance… in SIngapore we have a super fast gameplay rule where we allow players to “Intercept” anytime if they have a matching card (color or number) just by shouting intercept. It’s like a mashup of SNAP! and Uno. ­čśŤ

  3. ah.. I have a big weekend of uno playing ahead of me actually (going camping) – I think I might introduce that rule. Sounds fun.

    In Australia, localised rules for backyard cricket games are particularly interesting. It would be interesting to map where the different variations are most promient. I guess its the same with pool too.

    interesting topic ­čÖé

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