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This year is all about the intersection between you, your online community and news aggregation. The goal of breeding this form of social technology is to make life easier by learning and recommending news that the aggregation system thinks you should know about. With news aggregators like memeorandum, tailrank, topix, rojo heating up the News 2.0 space, how does a two-man team like Megite stand up against these giants?

I recently spoke with Matthew Chen of Megite, the latest news aggregator on the Web 2.0 block. He shared his impression on why Megnite was unique and spilled the beans on how they were planning to get ahead of the memetracker crowd with pretty powerful user-oriented features (think Memeorandum + Digg!). If you’re interested, here’s my personalized Megite, which takes my OPML file and recommends news based on it.

In this fourth episode of theorycast, you’ll discover…
1. How the name “Megite” came about (and how I kept fumbling on the name!)
2. How Megite actually started life as a different product
3. What Matthew thinks of other memetrackers and social recommendation sites
4. Where Megite excels in the memetracker space
5. How to use the personalized aggregator, My Megite (i.e. submitting your OPML)
6. What is the next version of Megite is going to look like?

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COMING SOON: Interview with FluWiki editor, DemfromCT

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