More cool things to do with your Sony PSP

More cool things to do with the Sony PSP

The Sony PSP is such a powerful portable device, it practically screams to do more than just gaming. Last year, I wrote Ten Cool Things to do with your Sony PSP, which eventually became one of my most popular articles on this blog. Since it’s been about a year, it’s time for a major update. As always, backup your memorystick before trying any of these tricks. Without further ado, here are five more cool things you can do with your PSP:

1. Play PSP Game UMD backups once again…
Ever since new PSP games required firmware 2.0 and above, we couldn’t play our game backups (ISOs) anymore. Yup, this meant carrying all the fragile UMDs with you wherever you go. All this changed when MPH Game Loader 1.1 was released. With it, you could now play games requiring firmware 2.0 and above on a v1.5 PSP, including Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories! As a bonus, the game load times are much faster. On your v1.5 PSP, you can use MPH game Loader 1.1 to either load the game from a backup ISO (needs UMD Emulator v0.8c) or straight from any UMD requiring firmware 2.0 and above. Make sure you own the title and always support PSP game developers Instructions and full download on MPH’s web site. Admittedly, it’s not easy to get started with this, so look for answers on forums such as on

2. Watch almost any video FULL-SCREEN on your PSP…
A Korean author made PSPlayerMT, which supports video resolution up to 480×272 with 29.97fps. This Audio/Video Media Player for the PSP that is capable of running full-screen video with almost no framedrop. It may have a simple user interface, but the video performance is impeccable. So far the player supports the following extensions: avi, mov, mp4, ogm, mkv, nut, asf, wmv, mp3, m4a, wma, ogg, asf, wav and formats: MPEG1/2/4 video(divx, xvid), Windows media video, Ogg theora, Mpeg audio (MP2, MP3, AAC), AC3, OGG, Windows media audio. Peter and I agree that encoding video to Divx at 480×272 gives you the best quality for the smallest file size for PSPlayerMT. Details and download on Works on firmware 2.0 too (confirmed by CNGBA)!

3. Turn your PSP into an Internet radio boombox…
PSP Radio is a beautiful homebrew app which lets you playback most audio files on your PSP. Once you setup the WiFi network, it’ll also stream Internet radio from Shoutcast, as well as any streaming audio web address you add in the playlist. It’s got a slick user interface and the developer has been working on it constantly, most recently adding a plug-in architecture to it to allow for easy future expansion. Thanks to the PSP’s loud speakers, you can have a party anywhere you get wireless Internet! Here is the developer’s blog, but a better source of help is really Radio PSP’s forum. You can download PSPRadio v0.37 Final Build at

4. Browse the Web on PSP v1.5…
Since keeping to firmware 1.5 is important for us to run homebrew apps, it’s necessary to have a working web browser. Smash’s World has details and a link to download an Asian web browser which works in v1.5. It’s not as nice as the Sony’s firmware 2.0 web browser, but it works.

5. Remote control your TV…
The PSP Universal Remote turns your PSP into a universal remote capable of controlling thousands of devices. It lets you emulate every remote supported by lirc, which is nearly 1800, all of which is included. You’ll have fun controlling devices at home, and anywhere else! Download it from

I hope you find this essential list of PSP hacks useful. In the mean time, I only wish this were true: Halo for PSP.

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25 thoughts on “More cool things to do with your Sony PSP

  1. There are better ISO game loaders at
    Links2 is out now and is hardly arguably better than any other browser for any version of the psp.
    IRShell has much more remote control functions, plays mp3s in the background of hombrew, has overclock functions, copy/paste/rename function for files and gamesaves, wireless transfer of files, and plugins that can watch video and unzip files.
    TVSP will stream tv to your psp like location free.
    PiMPStreamer will convert and stream video from your pc to the psp in real time at full speed.
    So much more. Way too much to list.

  2. hey i really liked your “ten things to do with your PSP” thing. Its kind of complicated to understand it unless you’re really good with computers, which i am not. The main thing I want to do with my psp is surf the net on it and go on my msn if that is possible, i dont know if it is. If you know of a way to do either, please email me, man. Thanks, and great post.

  3. ok ha. You need to make sure that the music you have in playable on the psp, I would suggest mp3 as thats what i do, its easy after that, I made a file on my psp memstick called music and just copied the mp3 versions onto it

  4. We get it your asian. You don’t gotta mention it whenever something is from an asian. Because I did notice whenever something is not created from an asian you don’t mention at all where it came from. Wow your asian…cool, go watch some anime then. Kevin has a little Lim, a little Lim, a little Lim.

  5. Hi,
    Just wanted to know if all the stuff mentioned here is possible on a PSP with official firmware or do I need a custom firmware for it?

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