How to install Windows XP on an Intel Mac (WOOT!)

Run Windows XP on Intel Mac
I made this back in January… glad I could use it again. But does the hack work on the Macbook Pro?

Seriously, there’s yet another reason to own a Mac now… there are now instructions for running both Mac OS X and Windows XP on an Intel Mac! All that I’ve got to do now is to figure out how well it performs. This video just shows the installation process, but I can’t tell how responsive WinXP is on the Mac.

Compared to the previous experience of installing the x86 version of Mac OS X on a Windows machine, the reverse of getting Windows XP on a Mac seems much simpler. However, as Paul Stamatiou mentioned, it’s not something for the faint hearted. You’ll have to deal with partitioning the Mac’s hard drive into two formats, then make a customized version of the WinXP SP2 disc, mess with more files and directories and then burn the CD is a specific way. There are other smaller issues to deal with, so you’re really on your own on this. Make sure to back up your Mac before trying this out!

Quick instructions for those knowing what they’re doing:
1. Partition the disk in two using the OSX CD: FAT and HFS+
2. Install OSX on the HFS+ partition.
3. Copy xom.efi (from into the hard disk
4. cd to the directory where you put xom.efi and type
sudo bless –folder . –file xom.efi –setBoot
5. Reboot, insert the XP CD, select windows using the arrows
and wait about 3 minutes
6. Choose the FAT partition you previously created.
(choose, not create! it should prompt for filesystem)
7. Install. Make sure to remove the CD on subsequent boots,
otherwise you’ll start the process over again.
Note: The “press any key to boot from CD” prompt doesn’t work yet
8. Done!

The required installation patch, Mac-specific Windows drivers and detailed instructions can be found at

BTW: This poor guy came in a little too late to claim the bounty. He kindly posts his WinXP on Mac solution anyway.