Video: I/O Brush (another wacky MIT demo)

Chris alerted me to the I/O Brush… think of it as a combination the Walcom tablet + a video camera + Photoshop + Projection unit. Made by MIT folks, the I/O Brush is like a eye-drop tool in photoshop except that it’s built into a real brush you carry around to sample objects for color, images and video. As you watch the video, the demo get increasingly insane. The only other time something like that amazed me was the Fly PenTop computer. The I/O Brush has since won a Gold award in the Industrial Design Society of America 2005. Other than art exhibitions, I wonder what other practical uses this could be for.

8 thoughts on “Video: I/O Brush (another wacky MIT demo)

  1. Great man! Imagine you have this as a USB device , convert the input via some sort of plug-in to Flash or something and you can create animation without having to learn how to use timelines!! ­čÖé Apart from drawing more psychedelic stuff…

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