6 thoughts on “Pukka: The quickest del.icio.us client for Mac

  1. Hi Kevin, thanks for the kind words — I’m glad you like Pukka! I have a question for you then: I notice that you posted Pukka to del.icio.us as freeware, but my eventual hope was to possibly charge for it. Definitely no more than $5, for sure. Do you think that is fair? Would you pay for it? Do you think I should split the feature set between a simpler version and a more feature-rich one? I come from an open source background, so I’m not used to charging for software, but Pukka has taken a lot of time and and I’d love to be able to write Cocoa software part- or full-time at some point. Any thoughts you have about this are most welcome, and thanks again!

  2. Justin: I’ve got friends who write shareware so your thoughts are totally valid. I’d say keep it simple and just make one app. Now the tricky part is making it worth the price, because these days, people expect a lot to be free. We live in an attention economy so my personal advice is this.

    Try putting out your early version as free and market it like crazy to bloggers who use del.icio.us. Call it a beta or preview version. They’ll talk about it on their blogs if it’s a good product.

    Once you get enough users, ask them to support you by paying for future versions on your website. Now a lot of developers put out changlogs to show what’s been added/fixed, but I think if you could do a future roadmap of where your app is going, people would be more willing to invest in it.

    I believe that the number one reason why someone would pay for something is “support”, so your passion is really key to making shareware work. Good luck and keep it fast!

  3. I’m inclined to agree about not doing dual versions — I want to keep it simple, and it’s a simple app anyway. I’ve also been giving some thought to the future roadmap, and that’s a great idea for adding value to what people are getting or will be getting.

    As for promotion, I’m definitely doing that. I’m at SXSW right now so I’ve been talking to folks, handing out some swag, and taking a lot of feedback. And I’ve been very fortunate as far as people del.icio.us’ing Pukka as well (kind of a given, though…)

    Cool, thanks. I’ll keep mulling it over. And keeping it fast.

  4. Everyone’s who’s a somebody is at SXSW. I’m stuck in rainy Buffalo watching life flash by in front of me. šŸ™

  5. I hear you man. I sat out last year as a couple folks at my day job got to go in style, but this year a 1/4 of the company is here (5 folks, plus 2 ex’s). Sometimes you have to be on the sidelines — it makes the up times all the better. I’m at least glad to be considered a somebody, though šŸ™‚

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