Today’s Links: Blow your own Internet Bubble!

flickr gumballs
“Flickr Gumballs: Blow your own Internet Bubble” // Photo by Nicole Lee

4 thoughts on “Today’s Links: Blow your own Internet Bubble!

  1. Yo! Coming from a bank’s perspective, the monesafe don’t sound very safe leh! Imagine they basically have access to everybody’s acct info plus login details, assuming even if they are trustworthy, if they get hacked… Then there goes everybody’s money!! 😛

  2. GrEg: Top of mind is indeed security, but that shouldn’t restrict one from building towards something that could be immensely useful. eCommerce businesses had to fight that mindset in the 90s. If there were a way for banks to give secured RSS feeds for our bank accounts (same login for online banking), we’d have more visibility on our money, which begets more trust with the bank. Perhaps you could use this idea… it’ll be a breakthrough in the online banking scene!

  3. Well, from where i come from, all ideas are already killed before they even get born… You won’t believe the red-tape and resistance to change(do more work). I waited more than half a year to get an update to the html title bar 😛

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