Boosting the Intel Mac mini with a 2.16GHz Core Duo

mac mini surgery
Mac mini surgury by VeldaZ

Just last week I digged Paul Stamatiou’s breaking news on the Intel Mac Mini being upgradable. Since then, there’s been 1760 diggs and a slew of photos of the mini’s internals. Paul noticed that for some reason, Apple didn’t permanently secure the Core Duo processor to the motherboard, i.e. you could swap it.

Enterprising folks over at XtremeSystems did just that. They purchased the cheaper 1.5GHz Core Solo Mac Mini and upgraded it with a monster of a 2.16GHz Core Duo. Paul’s planning to do that himself too, but do note that this isn’t a “walk in the park” hack. You have to remove the motherboard, heatsink and CPU and risk breaking anyone of them in the process. The end result though, is a Mac mini that goes beyond what Apple’s selling.

Newegg has some Core Duo chips, but for the 2Ghz Core Duo, you’ll have to know the right people to get one.

Read the Mac mini processor upgrade instructions on Xtremesystems.