The Razzie Award for Worst Picture of 2005 goes to…

The Razzie Award for Worst Picture goes to...

All this talk about the Oscars makes me wonder whatever happens to all the losers. Well, they could turn to the Razzies and feel a little better about themselves. The Razzie Awards runs alongside the Oscars, but with a big twist… they give out awards to the worst movies for the year. In fact their byline is: Cremating Cinematic Crap for over 25 years!

Razzie Founder John Wilson holds up the envelope revealing 2005’s Worst Picture “winner”, Jenny McCarthy’s lame little “romantic comedy” DIRTY LOVE. DIRTY was also dis-honored for Worst Actress, Worst Screenplay (written by McCarthy) and Worst Director (McCarthy’s soon-to-be-ex husband John Asher).

In introducing the clip from this film, Wilson referred to DIRTY LOVE as “the bastard child that might have resulted had John Derek, the RAZZIE “Winning” Write/Director of BOLERO and Tom Green, the RAZZIE “winning” writer director of FREDDY GOT FINGERED spent a winter together tending sheep on BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.” Ouch!

Ebert and Roeper detested Dirty Love, but hear how “interestingly bad” they found it.

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  1. Wandie: You might be one in a million. Congratulations!

    Alex H: I haven’t seen it except for a longer sneak preview via a video podcast. In my own words, it looks like an Equilibrium-wannabe except that it turns out more to be a “retarded form of combative ballet”. ­čśŤ

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