Intro to Podcasting workshop @ ETC (2pm today)

Intro to Podcasting @ ETC

In the fourth (and sadly final) installment of my Web 2.0 series, I’ll be running the “Introduction to Podcasting” workshop at ETC today. I will be join by co-presenter legal podcaster Jim Milles, Associate Dean for Legal Information Services and Director of the Charles B. Sears Law Library at the University at Buffalo (SUNY). Jim runs a weekly podcast called Check This Out! which is a smooth cocktail of Library, Law, Web 2.0 and Canadian music. In this “Intro to Podcasting” workshop, there will be…

  • Examples of educational podcasts (including a China podcast!)
  • Educational applications of podcasting
  • What is and what’s NOT a podcast
  • How podcasts work (RSS all the way!)
  • How to create podcasts
  • Podcast aggregators: iTunes, FireANT, Songbird
  • Jim Milles shows how he makes his podcasts (Gadgets galore!)
  • I show how anyone can podcast cheaply and easily using Clickcaster

If you’re interested in this Podcasting workshop, you can download the Powerpoint presentation (5mb) or the PDF (2mb). Read more below if you want to get a sequential list of references I used for the presentation.

University of Virginia Podcasts & Webcasts

University of Warwick Podcasts

UC Berkeley Podcasts

Fudan University High School Podcast

Jim Milles’ “Check This Out!” Podcast

Open source / Freeware audio editor: Audacity

PodcastFreeAmerica: Comparing Clickcaster, Odeo and Podomatic

Clickcaster: Podcasting service

Wikipedia: Podcasting

Podcasting How-to Tutorials

The Real Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting

List of Podcasting Services!1pXOS7l93k8mqeQ7FlEEmOSQ!559.entry

Podcasting & Vodcasting: A White Paper (March 2005)

Podcast Directories

A Listing of Podcasting Software

3 thoughts on “Intro to Podcasting workshop @ ETC (2pm today)

  1. hi there,

    nice to see our hard work is now a case study!

    We’ve found the WarwickPodcasts a great experience and now it’s a standard part of our communications portfolio.

    The podcasts have enabled to respond to developing issues quickly and in more depth and detail than could be done with other channels. They are academically serious but also easy to access and simple to manage/use.

    Hopefully the next few months will see us getting busier and busier with this.

    Tom (Online Communications Officer, University of Warwick)

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