Tailrank’s mistake puts my blog on top today!?!

Tailrank mistake @ 1pm, 6th March 2006

As of 1pm today, you can still see Tailrank listing my blog on the top of their site. Normally I’d be glad, but the article they cited has nothing to do with the so-called iPodAV!

A major boo-boo in their filtered aggregator technology?
Are there humans behind Tailrank, or is it fully automated?

If 2006 were the year of the filtered web, it definitely still needs more work ­čśŤ

UPDATE: Here’s the boo-boo permalink!

2 thoughts on “Tailrank’s mistake puts my blog on top today!?!

  1. Hm……. really. I think I know why this happened. It’s a glitch that happens a small percentage of the time but can be annoying. Anyway…. We’ll have a fix up soon.

    Thanks btw ­čÖé


  2. Other than Tech.Memeorandum, Tailrank is also on my reading list. I’d love to find out which is:
    1. Faster at detecting memes
    2. More accurate (quality) with memes
    3. Allows for greater community interaction (comments, trackbacks, votes)

    Does anyone have an idea where I can find out more?

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