Seeing yourself from space… we’re definitely getting there!

Where I live
This is where I live, and no it doesn’t transform into a spacestation

You’ve probably used Google maps, or even Yahoo maps, but I realize today that nothing gets you closer to the ground than Microsoft’s Windows Live Local. Just look the Triads Apartment Complex where I live. I was looking for my car in the parking lot, but then I remembered that I was probably out at work then!

As few thoughts about this:
1. If the public has access to such detailed maps, we can only wonder what kind of map/photo resolution the government already has!
2. Can I pay a buck to get this in real-time? Useful for tracking traffic conditions, or stalking people for fun!
3. Why isn’t anyone making “Simcity: Real Life”? You just need to add moving cars!

Oh, if you think that rocks, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Microsoft also released a “Street-Side Drive-by Preview” where you can get a driver’s seat view around the streets of addresses you enter. Works now for Seattle and San Francisco. It’s a great way to tour a city on virtually… just get used to walking in the middle of the road and you’d be fine. Perhaps the most amazing thing about all this is that it works on a Mac. Now coming from Microsoft, that’s unreal!

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