With the Dual Core Mac mini, what about the G5 Tower?

G5 refrigerator mac mini core duo With the Mac mini now supercharged with Intel Core Solo and Core Duo chips, it didn’t take long for me to wonder what people thought would happen to the good old PowerMac G5 Tower.

While this behemoth had nine internal fans to keep it cool, it does come with lots of space. Even if Apple were to decide to put in Dual or Triple Core duo chips in there, I think there would still plenty of room inside right? With that I suggested to Jim (ETC colleague) that Apple should really consider putting in a mini fridge.

I’m convinced that all Apple fans think alike because it wasn’t soon after that iCheerful sent me a Worth1000 work of art which proved that I wasn’t the only one thinking different!

Aside: Apple announcements yesterday didn’t wow a lot of us, though the Mac mini does remain an exception. I found it neat how Apple now has a linkroll (see right sidebar) to the major Mac mini fan sites. Paul Stamatiou was telling me how this cause his friend who runs the 123macmini.com site to get so much traffic that he had to switch servers last night!