Buffalo’s Blogosphere comes into full circle

Photo by: Rudi Gruber // I’ve been in Buffalo for more than 5 years already, having seen a live one at all!

Everyone seems to be talking about it, at least everyone who blogs in Buffalo. Ever since Steve Watson wrote a Buffalo News piece about the Buffalo Blogosphere, the local blogging community seemed to have come into full circle. I remembered the same effect in Singapore where once news media focused on the top blogs, these bloggers became celebrities. Let’s see if the same effect occurs here in Buffalo.

In a 2003 geographical study of blogs (pdf), Buffalo ranked 63rd among American cities in blog density. From this study, Jia Lin and Alex Halavais also noticed how Buffalo bloggers seem to have a common trait of actively writing about the state of their city. David’s FixBuffalo blog focuses on this point in particular, while the more established magazine-like Buffalo Rising blog covers a wide range of current affairs. I’m guilty for not reading enough local blogs (guess that’s why I missed the Buffalo BloggerCon), but I have little excuse now that David (via Fix Buffalo) put together the list of local blogs mentioned in Steve’s article:

All Things JenniferErin Go BlogBuffalo PunditBuffalo RisingByzantium’s ShoresElmwood StripFree New YorkNorth Coast OnlineRevitalize BuffaloSpeakUp WNY

This list does represent the more established blogs in Buffalo, so I thought I’d add value by highlighting a few more local bloggers I’ve personally seen (not necessarily met) in real life:

The 716
With a smart domain name going by our area code, you know you’re in good company. I’ve heard of The 716 for a while now and it wasn’t until recently that Penny and I happen to spot them at the King and I Thai Restaurant snapping photos of the food. We guess it was them, but knew it when the food review showed up on their blog that very night. Deeva and her husband keeps it real on The 716!

Chris Barr
He makes art. Good art. Also my ETC buddy useful for bouncing ideas off.

I’ve watched her start a fresh blog, go from anonymous to a real-life person blogger and now she’s connected with lots of local bloggers around. Jenn blogs about her love for music, macs, libraries and of course, other blogs. Watch this blogger grow!

Alex Halavais
The “dean of Buffalo blogging” always offers insightful commentary and research on the trend-making disruptions of the online (and sometimes offline) world. Frankly speaking, he’s the reason why a lot of graduate students I know come to Buffalo. Still, I’m glad to see him move onto newer opportunities.

I knew him as a librarian and tech guy before the blogger craze. It’s neat that he’s not only blogging now, but teaching his fellow librarians the Web 2.0 way. Check this guy out… he’s the next-gen librarian you never knew you needed!

Food Friday
Granted this is a plug, but Food Friday was a simple idea that our buddy Kelvin started. The premise is to check out a new local eatery every Friday, then document it via blog, photos, or videos. We’re into our fourth episode now and the gang is really lovin’ it. I see food as a quick way to understand the local ethonography.

If you’re a blogger in Buffalo whom I’ve not taken notice off, do drop me a line!

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