Watch how the “new video iPod” was a fake…

Fake Video iPod

Kudos to Christian Wedlock. He’s probably laughing his arse off now that he had a lot of us fooled. The video iPod which I wish were true is now officially a fake. Watch how he does it in his high quality video of the forgery 😛

4 thoughts on “Watch how the “new video iPod” was a fake…

  1. Sorry about that… I heard a seperate rumor that Apple was going to have a full movie download service as part of their offerings on the iTunes Music Store this week, that’s why I jumped the gun. 🙁

  2. When I saw him copying the Chinese characters, I kicked myself for not noticing earlier. To those who can read/write characters, it is obvious these were copied from fonts without any knowledge of how to actually write them, or at least it should have been….

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