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Personal DNA

From the same people who brought you the social recommender,, comes PersonalDNA. While I’m not a big fan of personal assessment surveys, these guys makes it tastefully fun to discover the “personal side” of you. For web interface design fans, take the test and check out the way you “slide and pinpoint” your answers on screen.

That said, personal DNA indicates that I’m a Creative Dynamic. On a Myers-Briggs® test, I might be classified as ESFP. Here’s the full report for no better reason than personal egocasting (see visual representation below).

You can get your personal DNA report here.

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  1. What the… noooooo! Your interest in “gender likeness” does indicate your sexual preference no? Thanks to you, Penny’s not allowing me to go for my manicures anymore! Boohoo!! 🙁

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