Why this new video iPod is real…

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No, we didn’t draw this, but Peter and I are in agreement as well…

Take what you already know and piece it altogether:
1. ThinkSecret’s concept image of the next-gen video ipod
2. The release of the video of multi-touch screens developed at NYU
3. Apple’s special “invite-only” event next Tuesday

Now, apparently from the same Chinese factory which first brought you leaked pictures of the video iPod, comes a pretty decent photo of this new toy from Apple (via Digg today). While some may claimed this is a fake, I tend to agree with the people over at MacRumors’ “Page 2” forum that this is the real deal. As seen above, hardcore folks have pointed out what makes this photo so true. Simply put, the photo’s detail is amazing. This new iPod could be more than we realize… it could actually turn out to be Apple’s answer to both the Mac Tablet and PDA in one.

Better sell your current video iPods while you still can… ­čśŤ

9 thoughts on “Why this new video iPod is real…

  1. Searching on google for what is printed on the barcode number came out as follow.

    Apple Mac OS X Server Jaguar v10.2
    Part #: M8719Z/A

    Kevin – I have to say that it is “8” instead of “B” upon zooming in on the image. This part number that I assume to be reading off correctly will piece the missing pieces together. This new thing is having some relations to the Mac OS X Server, probably running it as a terminal client kind of thing. If you look at the back of your ipod, you will noticed that the product model number are laser etched on.

    i further assume that the number 7 is representing node number of the terminal on the network. Thinking in the direction of “Blackberry” would actually be an alternative point of view. The popularity and success of Blackberry is proven, and I am sure Apple would want to capture a slice of this lucarative market. With the recent news of the Canadian company that own Blackberry getting into possible lawsuit of patent infringement of its technology used, having a risk of shutting down/suspended. This could be a opportunity to seize the market with a new product launch by Apple.

    I would like to suggest a name for this new product if it get launch. Call it “Apple Pie” ­čśŤ

  2. Looks cool – but life has taught me never be an early adopter. I will more than likely wait at least a full generation prior to purchasing any new ipod.

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