Qwika: The Better Search Engine for Wikipedia

Wikipedia search problem
“Wikipedia has a problem” by schoschie

Let’s say I want to find anything related to “Singapore” on Wikipedia…
– Using Wikipedia’s built-in search you get this
– Using Qwika.com you get this

As you can see, there’s a lot missing when we use Wikipedia’s built-in search. Wikipedia may be a great starting resource, but if we don’t have a proper search engine for it, all we have is only the goodwill of wiki-users adding other relevant links from your search term. That sucks.

I didn’t realize how bad it was until today. I’ve seen the light now that Luke Metcalfe, CEO of Rapid Intelligence, emailed me to try a beta of Qwika.com, a wiki search engine. The unique aspect of Qwika lies in the fact that their technology is designed to work with wiki-based content and multiple langauges, making it a decently powerful tool for researchers and Wikipedia editors. So far this is the only search engine I’ve seen which simultaneously searches these wikis:
* English language Wikipedia and all namespaces therein (Talk, Image, User etc)
* English language Wikipedias (machine translated from popular non-English language Wikipedias)
* non-English language Wikipedias
* English-language Wikipedia translated into non-English languages
* WikiTravel

Nothing pretty right now, but it’s fast…
Check it out at http://www.qwika.com

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