Google Page Creator = Almost like Blogging + Dreamweaver

Google Page Creator

We do a lot of web related servicing at ETC so as soon as I alerted my crew about this, they went bonkers. Google released a new service called Google Page Creator (hat tips to Dan, Steve, Nik) This is a free online tool that makes it easy for anyone to create and publish useful, attractive web pages in just minutes.

The kicker:
– Everything is done through the web browser
– The ease of blogging, with the layout ability of a simplified Dreamweaver
– Lots of hidden dynamic AJAX goodness (try resizing images!)
– Decent domain name:
– You get 100MB web space

No, this isn’t going to take away the coverted jobs of web designers, but it’s more like a cool toy for making quick web pages for things for classes, personal to-do lists and so on. Since it’s easy to edit and allows for dynamic layouts, you could use it like a blog if you wanted to (you’d probably need to use Haloscan for adding comments)

Some interesting trains of thought…
Search Engine Watch cites Rosenstein as saying that Google Page Creator is aimed at people who are interested in publishing a simple, relatively static web site, whereas Blogger is designed for people who want to post frequently, with regularly changing content.

• With all the “Google this and Google that” projects, Mashable has an interesting piece on Google’s Spray and Pray strategy (cites Techcrunch’s criticism of Google going back to old style web). I beg to differ though… I can see the expandibility of this project into many areas… including the possibility of embedding dymanic content later on if Google decides. Right now it’s all over the place but I’m sure we’ll see some Google pieces starting to merge soon (e.g. GoogleBase). There’s definitely a market for this, just look at MySpace and how teenagers are learning how to write HTML WITHOUT even realizing it (as one of my readers noted in a myspace comment).

As Educational Technologist, what do we think?
If anything, this is a savior to us at ETC since we can outsource calls for simpler web projects, simply by showing how patrons could use Google Page Creator for easy building and editing. It’s powered by AJAX, which makes it all so fast & fun to use!

Try it out at

UPDATE: New account registration closed for now, but if you have a Gmail account it should work.

9 thoughts on “Google Page Creator = Almost like Blogging + Dreamweaver

  1. I usually don’t like to blog mainstream stuff like this because most people can read it elsewhere. When I do though, I try to add value by saying something more about it. I’d rather promote obscure stuff, but naturally they are harder to come by! 🙂

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    Isn’t that an irony, so which is more harmful? Weapon handling or videos of procreation?

    PS: Kevin dont kill me for going OT 😛

  3. Dudes, “Tammy” is polluting the blogosphere… my “Singapore” technorati watchlists and search engine monitors are filled with search results from itchy fingered teenagers seeking instant gratification, the sexual kind. I’m on a personal campaign NOT to blog about these sort of things. Grrrr!

  4. I’ve tried it out. Very easy but irresponsive. I registered a shoutbox so that my page has one. I saved the page and published it but it never shows up in my page. Too bad that I can’t control the CSS. Cool but I have better luck using Blogger. If I can’t edit or modify my own page then what’s the point of having it in the first place. Hello! Pictures and Text are a thing of the past. Hope they improve its features further.

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