Embarrased Researcher

doh polar bear
Polar Bear goes “Doh!” by La Femme Jen

At the back of my head, I kept thinking that I needed to switch over the online survey at 1am today… I of course mixed up and realize that it wasn’t 1am in a few hours, but 1am like last night!!

I’m so embarrased for screwing up my time like that, especially since I wrote down a specific time table for hundreds of my test subjects (COM101 students) to take my two-part survey experiment! While a few kids got smart and figured out the URL for the second survey (it wasn’t even announced yet), they couldn’t get the randomly generated serial number (for proof of participation) because it wasn’t properly linked yet. Well, in less than 5mins, I fixed everything. Just sent an email apology out. Hope it doesn’t kill my study (xx cross fingers xx)

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