Alex Halavais talks on Wikis for the Kojo Nnamdi Show

Kojo Nnamdi Show

I heard Alex Halavais on the radio yesterday (Feb 21st) as he joined a distinguished panel on the subject of Wikis, over at the Kojo Nnamdi Show for Tech Tuesday (WAMU).

Kojo Nnamdi’s other guests included:
Ben Bederson, Director, HCI Laboratory; University of Maryland-College Park
Kat Walsh, Senior Editor, Wikipedia
James Byers, Co-founder, Wikispaces

Incidentally, I’ve been recommending Wikispaces to faculty for their classes, and it’ll be the wiki service I’ll be demo-ing this Monday for the Wiki Workshop. Here’s an abstract from the Kojo Nnamdi Show: From “Wikipedia”– the Internet’s biggest communal encyclopedia– to your local book club, “wiki” sites allow all users to be authors and editors. They operate on a simple concept — web-content altered and edited by a multitude of users — but their influence is complex. A Tech Tuesday look at the recent controversies over “Wikipedia” and future of “wiki” sites.

Listen to this particular show (1hr audio via the Tech Tuesday podcast)