GadgetPorn: MacBook Pro speed + battery benchmarks

macbook pro unpacking pix
Joy of Tech comic via Andrew Escobar

The Good News
Jason O’Grady received his Macbook Pro and has been performing some benchmarks on it. Comparing the PowerBook G4 1.5GHz (2GB RAM, 120GB HDD) and the MacBook Pro 2.0GHz (1GB RAM, 100GB HDD) from MacBench 1.2, results showed a 100-200% performance increase. That’s the good news.

The Bad News
His initial battery life test results were dissimal… two and a half hours. Is this a reason why Apple didn’t make a big deal about battery life? Do note that his test was with Hard Drive Spin down turned off and the MacBook untouched. We normally have hard-drive spindown turned on since it makes sense to save energy when we’re not using the computer. Hopefully we’ll see battery life results under more realistic settings.

Aside: Flickr now has tons of Macbook Unpacking Porn photos for your viewing pleasure. Oh, and here are some Macbook Pro disassembling pictures by OWC!

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