MacBook Pro unpacking photos + manual (PDF)

macbook pro boxmacbook pro box

Andrew Escobar shares this flickr set of an unknown Apple Internal staff unpacking a MacBook Pro. Notice the new slim box design and strange “muffin tray” packing form inside. We should start seeing people receive their MacBook Pros starting Monday. As for Peter’s pre-order from Amazon… we think it’s now officially F@#&-ed. We’re either gonna wait longer for the order to ship, or grab one from the local Apple Store when it receives this inventory.

Update: Here’s a link to the MacBook Pro’s manual (pdf).

2 thoughts on “MacBook Pro unpacking photos + manual (PDF)

  1. the packaging appears to be very similar to the packaging for the ipod. I just got a 30 gig for the wifey for V-Day and was a little surprised by this new minimalistic approach. I don’t mind it since it makes storing away the boxes easier but I rather enjoyed the over packing Apple used to do (ala last gen powerbooks).

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