Digg users breaking the “FuriousFirefoxTabs” barrier…

And the prettiest award so far goes to “So many tabs, so little memory”

Here you see Hydrogen Whiskey’s 93 Firefox tabs opened across 6 windows, all of which with their own unique favicons. While his entry is a real visual feast, he doesn’t even come close to the leader of the pack…

jonnyblueWho’s in the lead?
Believe it or not, Jonnyblue has 179 websites in tabs spread across 3 windows. His Firefox uses 487megs of ram on his Sony Vaio, 1.7Ghz, 1gig ram, WinXP. I have to give notebook users extra credit for pulling off stunts like these!

UPDATE: psychotic_developer now takes the lead with 435 tabs open! That’s 11 Firefox windows with 40 tabs each… After 300, he started to see some mouse issues so he started using keyboard shortcuts. After about 400, it was taking anywhere from about 2-10 min to load one webpage!

Keep your “FuriousFirefoxTabs” entries coming!

For details, read my previous post: The Furious Firefox Tabs Contest!

8 thoughts on “Digg users breaking the “FuriousFirefoxTabs” barrier…

  1. There are actually more entries than it seems. For some reason Flickr isn’t tracking all the “FuriousFirefoxTabs” in their tag search. In any case, it would be cool to compare the maximum number of tabs one can open in:
    1) Mac vs. PC
    2) Desktop vs. Laptop
    3) Firefox vs. Opera vs. Safari vs. IE 7

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