The Furious Firefox Tabs Contest!

Firefox Browser Tabs Contest

It’s 2.30pm on a Friday and like most of you, I’ve got a boatload of things to do. Rather than to get actual work done, I was just wondering how the rest of you surf the web. Do you pour over hundreds of web pages a day spread across over 50 browser window tabs (like me)?

If you’re up the challenge, take a screenshot of the most number of browser tabs you can open in Firefox. Upload your image on Flickr and tag it as “furiousfirefoxtabs“.

If you can, add a description with specs of your hardware/software (e.g. Mac/PC) and the number of tabs you’ve counted on your screenshot (e.g. 55 tabs spread over 8 browser windows).

Since points don’t matter (this is really for fun!), the top bunch of folks who get a screenshot in with the most number of tabs will win honor and prestige from peers… and whatever Web 2.0 service invites I can muster (i.e. Newsvine accounts)

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If you’re wondering why I’m doing this, it’s because there comes a point where Firefox becomes unbearably slow (see why here), so this is a great chance to see how far others can push their browsers until they crash! Remember to save your work before trying!

UPDATE: Entries are pouring in… see the current “FuriousFirefoxTabs” leaders here!

36 thoughts on “The Furious Firefox Tabs Contest!

  1. 100(or to the limit of the memory) tabs of “about:mozilla” 😛 I used to open 25-30 tabs of blog sites at 1 go by clicking “Open in Tabs” under the bookmark (Who needs RSS :P). It was a 5-10mins pain, broadband feels like 28.8Kbps dialup, processor speed is non-existent.

    Erm, so do I win the top prize for the most number of “about:mozilla” tabs 😛

  2. Do all the tabs have to be /visible/? I’ve had close to a hundred open in one window several times, using the nice ctrl-tab. Of course, I didn’t get much done. Oh, and as of right now, Firefox is using up 140,344kb of memory.

  3. I have too many tabs open to be shown on a screenshot. At any one time I have around 150-200 tabs open in three windows or something like that. But that’s just the average, I used to be able to push it too ~350 tabs before my mouse started to lag. However I just trippled the RAM in my laptop so I have to start over to find my top amount of tabs again. My biggest problem with entering is the fact that a screenshot wouldn’t capture all of the tabs because there are twice as many tabs open off the right side of the screen than are actually on screen. Any suggestions on how to showcase all of the tabs?

  4. Got bored after opening 126 tabs. My page file was usage was over 600Mb, and I had to make descisions on dozens of cookies. But it only took photoshop about an extra 20 seconds to load so I could save my screenshot. Things got a bit slow at that point. My pc isn’t anything special, almost 5 years old, 512mb on two athlon 1800s. Of course I’m cheating I still have FF1.07.

  5. Hey guys, it looks like Windows Firefox users are better off than us Mac guys.I don’t think I can ever reach those numbers without my 1.5Ghz 12″ Powerbook with 1.25gb ram freezing up!

    Some thoughts:
    1. Since a tabbing limit is hard to determine, go as far as you can before you are unable to do anything else (like taking a screenshot!)

    2. If you can’t squeeze it all on one screenshot, take several and name them XXX Part 1, XXX Part 2, etc.

    3. I know it gets tiring after a while, but try to mix it up and be creative. e.g. In the Powerbook category, I have XXX tabs open!

  6. I usually have about 2 to 12 browsers open, each of which have about 15 to 50 tabs open. just trying to change tabs/windows slows my computer down and it takes about 20 minutes just to load another tab, i don’t know if my computer will have any memory left to take a snap shot! :S

  7. I am up to 99 tabs across 3 pages, and my cpu usage is at 2% and my memory usage is at about 3%. So I probable could open about 1500 tabs or more if i wanted too.

  8. Exactly guys… while our activity monitor shows a decent memory heap used, trying to open anymore tabs results in odd window behavior and slowdowns… no one’s really gone beyond 400 tabs yet… even the last guy who did that opened the same web sites so it’s not a good enough test!

  9. After 350 tabs open, the lag got the best of me. I gave up there. I am posting this via the Opera Browser because I figured Firefox needed a nap.

  10. wont use firefox. doesnt render many sites properly. to much content shifting left and right – makes it damn annoying to use.

  11. I just found a slightly quicker way to do things. If you kept the “latest headlines” link that runs in the bar above the tabs, it may help. By clicking on it and clicking “open in tabs” at the bottom, it is an easy way to open 30 tabs at a time. It saves from the incredible boredom of doing it individually. All in all, though, I didnt get too many more tabs open before it got unbearably slow.

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  13. I was just flicking through DeviantArt (somewhat of a rarity for me) and I managed to rack up a good 127 tabs before I decided to save my session for later. My Firefox was using 703 MB RAM and 930 MB of pagefile.

  14. I commonly range between 50 and a 100 tabs open.Right now I have 44 tabs open and firefox is using 50% of my processor time. What I wish is some kind of Tab usage meter, to see which or how many tabs are using the most resources, probably with busy scripts. Anybody know of such. I have been searching for awhile for such a plug-in and have not found anything like it.

  15. I usually have over 100. Currently 126. Firefox is using about 600mb of my 2gb of RAM! How should I screenshot it?

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