Smartest hack for tangle-free iPod headphones cords

iPod cord crochet chain
Jen Davis rocks my world with her iPod cord crochet chain

Even though I like the iPod, I could never really get used to owning one. One major reason why I never liked these devices is because I hate putting on headphones. My biggest pet peeve is the wires.

Getting my headphone wires entangled is bad enough, but finding yourself caught against some hand rail or door handle makes me loath it even more. Short of spending money on plastic contraptions to wind the cables up (e.g. SmartWrap), Lifehacker put out a technique using just your fingers to wind up the wires neatly. While it was a decent suggestion, it didn’t provide freedom from tangles while headphones were in use. With that, I found Jen Davis’ iPod cord crochet chain the best hack ever to solve my problem.

Everyone owns iPods right? Even if you don’t, chances are you’d benefit from her step-by-step visual guide to mess-free musical enjoyment!

Aside: If you just have to spend the cash on a clutter-free headphone cable solution that looks pretty at the same time, pick up chicks with TETRAN by Tunewear.

5 thoughts on “Smartest hack for tangle-free iPod headphones cords

  1. Kevin…. so funny you blogged about iPod headphones this morning, when on my way in to work in this bitterly cold wind and snow i wondered “when will they make hp’s that don’t FREEZE and pop out on me???” what a pain! my music is what keeps me trudging along on days like this. that and cod liver oil… 🙂 great post. – jennimi

  2. that’s a pretty wild way to prevent the tangling. I too can commiserate. I hate walking along and getting the wire caught on a doorknob or something and ripping the earbuds from my ears. Especially since I use the “in ear” type…OWWW! 🙁

  3. Back home in Singapore, I used to put on a cool pair of shades while listening to my “hand-me-down” iPod on the bus. My coolness quickly faded as soon as my cords get caught on some railing or even worse, caught onto someone’s bag. My earphones would pop out, my shades fall out of place, and major dorkness would descend upon me. I would exit the crowded vehicle tearing in shame and desolation. My existence on earth was to be ridiculed, but not before I discovered this little trick. I shamelessly thank myself my posting this too. I just saved my own soul! 😛

  4. That’s a neat trick. Had I known, I might not have invested in the SmartWrap earlier this year. It does a good job of keeping my earphones untangled, but it still does not prevent untimley snags, as you constantly have to adjust the amount of wire you wrap around the SmartWrap to have the right amount of slack for different situations. I too hate the wires getting caught on things, but what’s worse is when the wires rub against my jacket zipper or rough material, and I get this annoying rubbing sound. I used to like the headphones that came with Sony Walkmans that had one ear bud wire slightly longer than the other, so that you could have the last stretch of wires go behind your neck. That used to reduce the amount of snags. I wonder what ever happened to that design…

  5. Ken: Sony still makes those… I have a white Sony MDR-EX71SL which goes behind your neck. Perhaps this kind of design is popular in Asia more so than the U.S., since I found it funny reading some reviews here where they couldn’t understand why one side was longer than the other!

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