Hmm… would you get Danger’s Sidekick III?

Sidekick III (front)Sidekick III (back)
Sources: Howard Forum & NikeTalk

Having gone through all three generations of Danger’s Sidekick phone (black/white, color, Sidekick II), I must say that this is hands down the best value for money for anyone who wants a cell phone with “always-on” Internet capabilities. It’s got great holistic design in terms of hardware/software (Danger Inc is made up of ex-Apple employees), which is especially important so users can breeze through their information while being on the move. In contrast, the Palm OS used to be simple, but now they’ve violated their own maxim, making it complicated (and sometimes atrociously buggy).

It’s with no surprise that I’m keeping an eye on what Danger Inc. has up their sleeves for their next generation of their affordable pda/phone. Howard Forum has a hilarious thread on what isn’t the Sidekick III, while NikeTalk has leaked photos of the Sidekick III apparently taken by a Danger employee.

Some of the 3rd generation upgrades are said to include:
1. Edge Network / Wi-Fi capabilities
2. Detachable battery
3. Mini sd card
4. Music player
5. Video
6. Trackball (replacing the scroll wheel for mousing around?)
7. Slimmer build with rubber bumpers

8 thoughts on “Hmm… would you get Danger’s Sidekick III?

  1. i always thought the sidekick was a nifty niche product – but until it opens itself up and I can install 3rd party apps, its really not much more than a fancy toy (from a business professional point of view)

  2. That was something that turned me off at first, but I feel that it’s one device that has most of what I need already (web browser, email, AIM). Furthermore, it rarely crashes and doesn’t need syncing (automatically syncs to the Sidekick web server). It really keep things simple and worryfree. šŸ™‚

  3. I’m a T-Mobile employee, and I have to tell you- we’ve heard/been told absolutely NOTHING about Sidekick III yet. If not for sites like this, I’d be in the dark as much as anyone else. Personally, I can’t wait for it to come out. I ‘ve had my SKII since a onth after launch, and haven’t had any problems other than the known outages that have occurred. As far as what Dennis said, I can definitely understand why it wouldn’t be a device you’d be into since it’s not really marketed towards business professional. It’s meant for a younger crowd; for those who want to have more of a computer type html-based internet experience than the WAP browsers found in common mobile phones, and for those who do a lot of messaging (AIM, yahoo, text, etc). As far as the service itself, there’s not a carrier in the world that can guarantee coverage in 100% of the areas you go. Educate yourself prior to getting service, regardless of the carrier. For thsoe that don’t know, T-Mobile has a great interactive coverage map on our website that shows not only whether you can get coverage in specific areas, but also whether the coverage is Great/Good/Fair/Weak.

  4. I agree with the last poster. This is what some “business professionals” don’t get – the SK is not marketed towards the BlackBerry crowd. Its meant for the younger generation. I’m a CPA who owns both a BlackBerry and a SK. I have the BB for use with my firm and clients. But my SK offers the everyday functionality that I need (and better voice service). I use it to communicate with friends and my husband, who is Deaf. The SK is a HUGE hit in the Deaf community, I can’t wait for the third generation to come out.

  5. i’m DYING for this phone!! I can’t wait until its finally out, I just wish Verizon Wireless would be smart enough to get it too šŸ™ I have verizon, if they don’t get it i’m gonna have to switch to T-Mobile :(! Oh well, it’s TOTALLY worth it!

  6. I’m a T-Mobile customer (have been for many moons) patiently waiting for the Sidekick III to materialize. Everyone I know who
    has an SDII loves it but all have the same complaints and they
    are: Needs flip-up screen (not turning); Needs Bluetooth; Needs Mini-SD card; Needs WiFi. Without exception, all the phones T-Mobile markets have been upgraded and or replaced with the exception of the Sidekick II. Hopefully T-Mobile will get the hint from all of us who’ve been standing in the wings for a long time hoping the SDIII would finally come to light.

  7. I have the sidekick II and i LOVE it my sidekick is my life and i cnt live w/out it…but i feel out of date!! the sidekick is suppose to be the best phone but it does not have the video or the music player or the bluetooth so i am PRAYING that sd iii will come out and have this included!! so lets all pray that t-mobile gets the hint and comes out w/ this sidekick iii!!

  8. Well i think that Danger Inc. needs to also allow Verizon users to have acces to SK3 because in nc there are very few Tmobile stores and the coverage area isnt good, and i would love to have a SK3 right now i only have a razor which i like for the look but not as good at a SK i would definitly go and buy a SK3 if they were in my area but they arent and the SK and Razors are more for the younger crowd and celebrities not buissness more for comminication and looks rather than planning and stuff for buissness i had a black berry but the price for the plan i had was way to high for a 16 year old lifegaurd ya know … i think they need to slow production for awhile and make a really really great product instead of slowly advancing it, if they made it a fully usuable comp in a pda format/ phone way i would spend a like 800$ on it as long as the plan was a cheaper anyways thats my two cents

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