Alternative Links on running Mac Intel OS on PCs

Tiger OS
Photo: KeynoteOSX by iMacniatic

After Apple announced it was switching to the Intel platform last year, numerous OSX86 hacking forums started to emerge, reflecting the incredible interest in bringing the snazzy Mac OS onto the everyday PC. The OSx86 Project forum has been the most prominent source for everything related to running Mac OS X on PCs. Sadly, today we learned that the OSX86 project forums were closed indefinitely with a DMCA violation notice (Apple’s hidden poetry wasn’t tough enough).

If you’re still interested in getting Mac OS 10.4.4 for Intel to run on PCs, there are other avenues to explore. Maxxuss remains the most prolific hacker and has even just released patches to use 10.4.4 with SSE2 CPU’s and AMD CPU’s!

Other relevant places to check out include: – General news and forum on Mac on Intel. – Explore to find an impressive how-to on running Mac OS X on your PC, plus related news and downloads. – This classic article shows you how you could build your own PC running Mac OS for $200!
• Finally, although the OSx86 Project forum is down, some of the wiki pages seem to be directly accessible, including this list of x86 compatible software.

If you have any more tidbits, do share in the comments. Have fun, but remember to be safe!