LifeHack: Siva’s Glass Tabletop for effective meetings

Lifehack: Siva's Glass Table

Simple and effective, that’s what I call a practical lifehack. Siva “shanghai-ed” this old glass-topped table so that discussions could continue in his corner whenever the other meeting room was occupied. Let me add some over-the-top ideas (no pun intended!): To make it more effective, try multi-colored markers and to preserve/save your precious data, try laying over another glass top!

5 thoughts on “LifeHack: Siva’s Glass Tabletop for effective meetings

  1. Remember the scene from “A Beautiful Mind”, where “John Nash” frequently wrote his maths stuff on the window panels. He is the founder man šŸ˜€ Perhaps we should do this in the school, doing our academic discussion on anywhere that has window panels šŸ˜›

  2. Hey you know, once I had a wonderful diagram that evolved over a two hour meeting and it covered the entire table in the meeting room; even I loved the sight of it at the end.

    Exhausted, I went home that night and the next morning, discovered someone had wiped it all off. Sigh, now I keep a digial camera handy!

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