Google’s PayPal-killer “GBuy” raises my eyebrow…

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Instead of a techincal review of another Web 2.0 service, here’s a socio-cultural review about Google’s latest venture… TinkerTailor made the first reference to it, and now MrBrown followed suit. Google’s rumored “GBuy” payment service might get more attention than the search company ever hoped for, now that Singaporeans have come to realize that it sounds pretty raunchy in Chinese (esp. in Hokkien dialect).

Before I take all the fun away, here are some sample conversations to give you an idea of what it means…

TinkerTailor’s examples:
“Chao GBuy!!” (when things go wrong)
“Orh, so you use GBuy to make money har?”
“You want the money isit? I’ll shove it up your GBuy!”

MrBrown’s examples:
What next? Google does an Ebay and calls it Gbay?
Buy on Gbay, pay with Gbuy!

For educational purposes:
“GBuy” sounds phonetically similar to “Cheebye”. According to the Urban Dictionary, Cheebye is a vulgar Hokkien (Chinese Dialect) term for:
1) vagina, cunt, pussy, etc
2) expressing something or someone who is an extreme degree of damned.

It is often used by Chinese hooligans (Beng or Lian) in a conversation:
ah lian: that mr pleasemeh damn cheebye sia!
ah beng: why?!
ah lian: he touch my cheebye lor!
ah beng: WAH! CHEEBYE!!!

At this point, why don’t you practice your best phases in the comments?
Good ones will get published here 🙂

Posts like these make me realize why this blog is blocked by some ISPs in Singapore. I’m so naughty (Hokkien: Pai Si) !

12 thoughts on “Google’s PayPal-killer “GBuy” raises my eyebrow…

  1. Here is mine, please dont ban me 😛

    Ah Beng – So how do i pay for japan stuff erm *cough*pr0n*cough* that i want to buy from the internet?

    Techie Friend – “GBuy”.

    Ah Beng – CB!! Eh no need to be so mean leh. I know i am not a geek/techie guy, no need to scold me mah.

    Techie Friend – Its “GBuy”.

    Ah Beng – CCB! One more time I’m gonna beat you up.

    Techie Friend – Its “G-B-U-Y”, reads as “G-Buy”.

    Ah Beng – Wah nowadays this internet business really CB, want to see some CB must pay using “GBuy”.

  2. Sacrelicious: We should turn that conversation you made into a podcast… I tell you we’d rock! 😛

    Brennan: Google’s company motto is “Don’t be evil“. There’s nothing said about being raunchy I guess… 😛

    Nadine: Long time no see!

  3. I guess eBay can go setup naBay for north american ebay 🙂
    Then we can have a #$% good naBay Gbuy time with their names…

  4. Kevin: I’m game for it, just telll me what to do 😀 We may need to add a lot of beep tone to produce an alternate version for minor in case their parents come chasing after us 😛

  5. GrEg: Hahaha, ROFL! 😀

    Sacrelicious: Word. For the longest time I’ve always wanted to do a videocast / podcast of everything we talk about on our blogs. So many ideas, so little time. Sigh. 🙁

  6. Yeah, I guess thats what happen to peeps like us still in college, be it undergrad/grad. Trying to feed ourself, clean up, digest tons of textbooks. The only time left for us to borrow from is probably bedtime.

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