Ying & Yang: MacBook Pro speed bumped + OSx86 10.4.4 cracked

Macbook Intel Inside
My MacBook by bradlauster… He’s just kidding!

The Light Side
Good news for those who pre-ordered their MacBook Pros… Peter informs me (via MacRumors) that Apple has started shipping the new MacBook Pro. In addition to the shipping announcement, the new machine is also being offered in 1.83 (up from 1.67) & 2.0 Ghz (up from 1.83) variants of the Intel Core Duo, Apple has also added a 2.16 Ghz build-to-order option on the portable. The Unofficial Apple Weblog has more on the scoop.

The Dark Side
iCheerful has informed me that the Intel version of 10.4.4 has been cracked by hacker guru, Maxxuss. As the OSx86 Project noted, the significance of this event is huge. While many users were able to run OSx86 on their PCs last summer, the general feeling was that Apple hadn’t implemented their final security solution. Few expected this final version – or at least the version that shipped with the first Macintels – to be easy to hack.

From Maxxuss Homepage:
This is a preliminary release of my Patch Solution for the official Mac OS X on the Intel platform. Ultimately, it would allow you to run this Mac OS X release on a generic x86 computer (SSE2 required).

There’s still a lot of work and documentation to do, like support for SSE2-only CPUs, a proper installation procedure and a PPF patch. However, if you like to play around, this will get you started.

4 thoughts on “Ying & Yang: MacBook Pro speed bumped + OSx86 10.4.4 cracked

  1. I don’t see why running os x on any old pc is a bad thing, the crazy things one has to go through to make it work in a desirable fashion are way out of the league of your average user.
    Even if it gets easier, it’s still just darwin with a few enhancments.
    Macheads will still buy mac hardware without a 2nd thought.
    But this gives us pc users an opertunity to see what all the fuss is about, and it’s deserved at all.

    Pluse because pcs are veiwed as modular (unlike macs) average intel users will be able to upgrade easily, while die hard mac users will have to shell out $1000+ for the next apple system.

    I think it’s a pretty good thing for all sides of this debate.

  2. whiteguysamurai: Good points! While Apple certainly wouldn’t open OSX for all simply use, they should understand that it’s really no loss to them. Having tried running OSX on a PC myself, I can see how more people could appreciate OSX, but some functionalities I doubt will ever work… e.g. sleeping laptop, battery power management. THat said, for the real deal, people would still have to get a Mac. Using OSX on PC is like trying out trial software.

  3. i’m loocking for this patch for 10.4.4 i have got my own mac book pro and i’m woundering is the patch working 🙂 i’ll trye to patch the mac osx restore disc. but appe seems to shut down all the download sites. have uou got one (10.4.4 patch) ?

  4. hmm, 10.4.4 is running without any problems on sse3 proc and with cooperation with supported hardware, so you do not need any patches, and the only problem i s booting you need put by hand the rd=diskad0s2 in dvd bootloader (for second primery slice on disk)

    cheers and have good using this distro

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