Rocketboom’s first commercial felt like one bad date…

Rocketboom 40k eBay ad
This completed auction is going to disappear from eBay, so here it is as a full-sized JPEG or PDF.

How do you feel now that Rocketboom had it’s first “commercial” videocast today?

Frankly speaking, I felt like it was a bad first date… Amanda clearly had a hard time selling ATMs and keeping the funnies going. For some reason, the rest of the show seemed pretty pale in comparison to their typical fare. Make me wonder how they’re going to plug next week’s sponsor, Earthlink. If you’re wondering how Amanda personally feels about all this, check out last Friday’s episode where someone unexpected gives her a call in the last moment (make sure to watch till the end).

2 thoughts on “Rocketboom’s first commercial felt like one bad date…

  1. Hey I’ve never heard of Rocketboom before so I took a look and it seemed pretty cute. Maybe not so informative but entertaining if you’re looking for a quick break. I thought Amanda conveyed the ad pretty well. I mean, c’mon, it’s ATMs. They’re like the second most boring thing to sell on the face of the earth. The most boring would be enterprise software (but that’s another story).

  2. Let’s just say that if you watch the show regularly, this particular episode was the first to have advertising and it just didn’t have the same flow as it normally would. We’re literally seeing the first test of grassroots level commercial. Stuff like ths could decide the future of marketing in any podcast or videocast.

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