Intro to Web 2.0 Workshop today!

I’ve just finished the “Introduction to Web 2.0” presentation at the Educational Technology Center, University at Buffalo (SUNY). If you noticed, we had everyone “tag” themselves as part of the folksonomy segment. Big thanks for Chris Barr and Robin Sullivan for helping with the presentation. Thankfully, I managed to keep it to under an hour. This discussion was focused on using Web 2.0 concepts in the classroom (do we call it Class 2.0?).

As promised, here are photos from the event, as well as my presentation slides in PDF (Greyscale, 1.8mb) and Powerpoint (Full-color, 6.4mb). The video and audio download for this presentation will be available soon.

I sharing this under Creative Commons: Attribution, so download away. You may reuse and remix these for your own use, just remember to give credit using my blog address.

11 thoughts on “Intro to Web 2.0 Workshop today!

  1. i would typically make some type of inappropriate comment about women with post-it notes all over their chests, but for some reason I am drawing a complete blank.

    congrats on the presentation – looks like everyone had a good time.

  2. Haha, well I think this is the first time anyone’s tried “meat-space” tagging, so it would seem kinda weird. Anyway, I hope the presentation is useful to the rest of you.

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