Halo 2 definitely coming to Windows Vista

peter jackson bungie visit
Peter Jackson, executive producer for the Halo movie, visits game developers at Bungie Studios

Microsoft today announced that they are finally bringing the Halo 2 game to the PC. Before you get your hopes up high, prepare to whip out more dough: Microsoft’s making it a Windows Vista exclusive. It’s definitely a bid to push up sales for their upcoming (and long overdue) operating system. Here are a few interesting points to note about its release:

  1. Halo 2 will be a Windows Vista exclusive, though a Mac version is a possibility.
  2. Both Campaign and Multiplayer modes available. If you think about it, multiplayer would be a bigger deal on the PC than on Xbox Live, possibly reviving the dismal state of large scale clan wars.
  3. Unlike the first Halo for PC, Halo 2 will be developed by the Microsoft Game Studios team in partnership with Bungie Studios. Goodbye GearBox Studio!
  4. Most importantly, Halo 2 is going to be modable. Players can create their own multiplayer maps!

I wonder if I could run Halo 2 on a Windows Vista install on a MacBook Pro… at well, at least I can still watch the Halo movie, to be produced by none other than Peter Jackson.

If you want to know more, read the official press release via Major Nelson’s blog and be sure to check out the big Halo 2 on Vista FAQ at bungie.net